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ST LUNA Releases His First Track With Alacran Records “Vitamin D” FT Ber

In this number, the duo reflect on sunnier days and are reminiscent of friendships that bring them nourishment, just like the sun’s warm rays.
St Luna FT Ber "VITAMIN D single cover art

Sonny Tennet’s Newest Track “Better The Devil” Is His Most Moving To Date.

It's a song about a toxic relationship, not leaving it when you know you should and holding things together for the sake of your family.
Sonny Tennet's newest track 'Better The Devil'

Lunar The Kid x Lilly Ahlberg’s new single “Raindrops” is out now

This track adopts a darker sound, weaved with intergalactic sonic textures, which create a sense of total euphoria. The fresh drum grooves and synth palettes help us to reimagine four-to-the-floor dance music.
Lunar the Kid x Lilly Ahlberg new single Raindrops Cover art

Flor Ramirez Comes Back To Seduce Us With Another Of Her Masterful Creations, “VALCH”

VALCH is a song about heartbreak and the need to heal the wounds of an unhealthy relationship.
Flor Ramírez - VALCH

Benjamin Walker Releases “Te Quiero (Alicia),” His First Single With Alacran Records

Composed by Benja while walking through the streets of Mexico City, this song was inspired by the traditional “corridos” he heard on the radio.
Benjamín Walker: te quiero (Alicia)

Sonny Tennet Releases His Version Of Christina Aguilera’s “Hurt”

Sonny Tennet - Don't Want a Heart (Stripped) / Hurt

Alacran Records Releases The Soundtrack For the Film “Rebelión”

The film’s soundtrack narrates a stage in the life of Joe Arroyo, the famous and deceased singer, and composer considered by many to be one of the greatest performers of Salsa.
Banda sonora de Rebelion

ChocQuibTown Covers “Rebelión,” The theme song of the Joe Arroyo Biopic

The film's theme song was performed masterfully by ChocQuibTown, one of the groups that best represent the contemporary Afro sound from the Colombian Pacific.
Single Cover Art For ChocQuibTown cover of Joe Arroyo's Rebelion

Manu Manzo Releases Her Favorite Track of The Year, “Vacio”

Vacio incorporates R&B feelings and soft melodies that tend to a broken heart on top of a sexy dembow beat.
Manu Manzo - Vacio Cover art

Jodapac Take Us Back To UK Garage With “Ain’t My Fault”

The latest Jodapac release, “Ain’t My Fault”, may tap into the iconic sounds of Early 2000’s UK Garage but make no mistake, this track sounds nothing but fresh.
Jodapac - Ain't My Fault - Cover Art

Good Scott Drops New Track “Cardigans”

Good Scott swerves into a more romantic vibe with his latest release “Cardigans,” but still served up with his unique and signature Alt-Pop sound.
Good-Scott - Cardigans Cover art

Jodapac Team With Harry Shadow On New Release

Jodapac continue to collab with the freshest and finest UK music talent, pairing this time with electronic producer Harry Shadow for their new track "More Than Ever".
Harry Shadow & Jodapac - More Than Ever single cover art

Sonny Tennet Releases “Don’t Want A Heart”

Hailed by Sonny as his biggest heartbreak anthem yet and powered with his signature showstopping vocals, “Don’t Want A Heart” is released today.
Sonny Tennet Releases “Don’t Want A Heart

Good Scott Returns With New Single “Yes Man”

The smart, infectious “Yes Man” has arrived, promising to be a new summer slammer and another Alt-Pop bop from the genius of Good Scott.
Good Scott "Yes Man" single cover art

Flor Ramirez Returns With Her Proudly Latin-American New Single “Pequitas” 

"Pequitas" is an energetic and fun track that demonstrates Flor's respect for her Aztec ancestry and folklore sound while also revolutionizing those same sounds in a compelling, contemporary way.
Flor Ramirez Ft Pehuenche "Pequitas"

Sonny Tennet Releases New Version of “Riptide”

Sonny takes “Riptide” to an epic new level with his Stripped With Strings version, resulting in an even more emotional and sweeping rendition.
Sonny Tennet's "Riptide" Acoustic

Willie Gomez Impresses On Freshly Released Debut Album “Del Cibao”

Packed with summery Latin pop melodies, high-energy vibes, and Willie’s smooth and warming vocals, "Del Cibao" is a stellar listening experience.
Willie Gomez Releases Debut Album, "Del Cibao"

Jodapac Are Back With “Heaven Help Me”

Dynamic dance collective Jodapac switch the mood up on their fourth release, “Heaven Help Me”, with hypnotic vocals and a soothing beat for pure chilled vibes.
Jodapac "Heaven Help Me"

Manu Manzo Releases Her Female Empowering New Single “Paella”

Paella is a track that women can embrace and make their own anthem. It is perfect for a pre-game when you're getting ready for a girl’s night.
Manu Manzo - Paella

Sonny Tennet Shares Heart-Wrenching New Track, “Riptide”

Inspired by Tennet’s own life, "Riptide" is a powerful track about the pain and struggles of his relationship with his father.
Sonny Tennet -Riptide